Mien Resources - A complete catalog of Mien resources including Mien literacy materials both in print and audio CD.

Mien Bible Online Search scriptures, view chapters or compare to English versions.

Mien Radio - Find Mien broadcast throughout Southeast Asia

Mien Evangelical Church - The most comprehensive collection of Mien media both in audio and video titles. Free download of weekly worship services and sermons in .mp3 or .wmv files.

Mien Family for Christ - A ministry to builds the firm foundation of the family. It offers abundant resources on marriage and family relationships. 

Youdsinhchao - Dr. Youdsinh Chao is a founder of Mien Family for Christ, an author, and speaker on the subject of marriage and family relationships. His website offers an abundance of resources on this subject.

Mien International Enrichment Network - A global non-profit established to help to enrich the lives of Mien People worldwide. 

Mother Teacher - A place to find more Mien resources and literature. - Free online commentaries for every book of the Bible.
- Free online Bible study tools. - The online Bible Prayer Room, Christian Community, Market Place. - Free downloadable scripture search software for your PC and Pocket PC.

Bible Gateway
- A searchable online Bible in over 50 versions and 35 languages.

Bible Commentaries
- An online collection of Bible commentaries.
- Believing it, defending it, and proclaiming it. Ministries
- The hundreds of different online Christian ministries comprise the alliance, ranging greatly in size, vision, and purpose.

The Rutherford Institute
- A non-profit conservative legal organization dedicated to the defense of civil, especially religious, liberties and human rights.

The Institue for Creation Research
- In-depth scientific and biblical information regarding the creation/evolution controversy.

Genesis Institute
- Institute is a non-profit organization existing as part of the body of Christ to care for human souls, guided by the fixed point of Biblical revelation. All Genesis training ministries seek to enable and encourage the Christian community to this end.

Alpha Omega Institute
- Dedicated to teaching the Biblical and scientific evidence of creation.

Creation Studies
- A tool for equipping the believer with the knowledge needed to refute the lies of evolution. Through this, the believer's faith is affirmed in such a way as to.

Bible Answer Man
- Practical and helpful, the Bible Answer Man broadcast serves as a way for people to get solid answers. Let Christian Research Institute President Hank.

- The Intersection of Faith and Life with Christian articles, fellowship, and resources for all ages and at every stage of life.

Family Life
- A family ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Resources such as the Home Builders Couples Series, the Family Life Parenting Conference, Family Life ..
- Join millions in this Christian Social Networking community for free.
- Shop for Christian Books, Bibles, Music Homeschool Products, Gifts.

Universal Currency Converter
- The World's Favorite Currency Site

Skype - Call your family and friends around the world for free!

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