History of Mien Christian Mission Fellowship

Mien Christian Mission Fellowship was established in 1996 by 14 Mien churches on the U.S. West Coast. The purpose and goal of this fellowship is to work together toward the accomplishment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ as proclaimed in Matthew 28:19-20.

This fellowship focuses on two major areas of ministry: evangelism and church strengthening here in the U.S. and overseas.

We seek to witness by all means possible to the scattered Mien and all others. For this purpose we established the Mien Radio Ministry. By short wave radio we endeavor to reach out to the million Mien in China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Mien Christians in Vietnam came to the Lord mainly through hearing the Gospel by radio in Vietnamese. This underscores the great value of broadcasting.

Current economic problems in Thailand and the great difficulty of supporting a family in the mountain areas has caused many youth and adults to scatter to Thai cities and other countries for education and jobs. This makes it very difficult to build up the church there. We are involved in leadership training in Asia to the end that Mien there may help themselves and others to know Christ.

In America we conduct seminars, camps, and leadership schools with the aim of strengthening the churches and planting new churches. A good number of the committed leaders from several of our churches are currently studying in Bible Colleges and seminaries and eleven have already graduated. Many have graduated from secular colleges also.

Many Mien Christians in America are luke-warm and materialism and worldliness are taking their toll. However there is a developing leadership and many strong Christians. In 1998 the 10th annual Mien youth camp had 412 in attendance and there were 98 decisions for Christ registered. The 7th annual adult camp had 400+ in attendance. A sense of stewardship and mission is developing and there is a growing concern for reaching the Mien in Asia.

They meet in the buildings of American congregations of at least eleven different denominations that have befriended them. Deeply grateful and supportive of those who have helped them they still feel the deepest sense of allegiance to the scattered Mien Christian community.

They are overall conservative Bible-believing evangelical Christians. Our fellowship is better known among the Mien as YIDG which stands for the title of the fellowship in the Mien language which is "Yesu Iu-Mien Dongh Hnyouv Gorn."