Leadership Training

MCMF holds leadership training annually, for all MCMF church leaders and all others who want to attend. The goal of this training is to equip all church leaders so that they may be ready to serve the Lord both in their local church and, together with MCMF, wherever God calls. Together we can accomplish the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A three- day Leadership Training takes place once a year at different churches to provide spiritual leadership training basis on the topics and needs of the requested church. Special guests are invited to teach three sessions during the days and preach in the evenings.

The Goal of Leadership Training (Lioux Singx Bou Wuic) is to train and equip church leaders to:

  • Effectively carries the call wherever God call them to serve.
  • Able to train their own church leaders.
  • Able to train other church leaders as well.
  • Able to serve fervently to accomplish the Great Commission of the Lord.